The Château de Rustefan. An ancient print

On the hill above Nizon, the château of Rustefan, in ruins in the nineteenth century, was a favourite subject of the artists of Pont-Aven.
The ballad of Geneviève de Rustefan was sung in Nizon. It was here that Théodore Hersart de la Villemarqué noted it down and subsequently published it in the Barzaz Breiz.
The artists of Pont-Aven had produced a show in the 90’s at Rustefan. The star turn was the sudden apparition of the ghost of Genovefa de Rustefan. Two Anglican priests on holiday at Pont-Aven, as well as several ladies on vacation, were taken in by the practical joke. (R.H.V.M. " memories of Pont-Aven "