Who is Who : The saints of Northern America

- St Isaac Jogues, Saint 03/14/2003
- Elizabeth Ann SETON, Saint
- Pierre TOUSSAINT, Venerable
- Rose Philippine Duchesne, Saint
- The Sarajevo Commitment
- The Real Joan of Arc. Who was she ?
- Pilgrim Pope in the Holy Land
- Asking for an Indulgence only for oneself – or for others also ?
- Jubilee Indulgences – the Father’s forgiveness


50 Questions on Love and Life (2)

Epiphany : The fourth King
Stifling the voice of the witness ! (The Vatican’s Right to Speak ?)
Mother Teresa's Address to women
Edith Stein - Her life and Message :
She was Jewish, a femininist, Catholic, a Carmelite nun, and a martyr.
News concerning the Shroud of Turin
Testimony : My Search for God on Internet
LE FOLGOAT: A kiss for Our Lady
TWINS – How to find happiness ?
Euthanasia and Resurrection
 The dying are asking us for Hope
The Shroud of Turin
Life after death (1)
Can the stars guide our lives? (1)
Is Jesus historical ? Is Jesus Christ God ?

Questions about the saints, questions about the men:
  Who was PADRE PIO?
Father EMILIANO TARDIF Who was he ?

Who was Father KENTENICH ?
WHO WAS PIERRE GOURSAT ? An artist, a mystic, a layman, an adorer & an evangelist
The Real Joan of Arc. Who was she ?

Who is Who :
        The saints of Northern America

1 - the saints of New York
     St Isaac Jogues, Saint
     Elizabeth Ann SETON, Saint
     Pierre TOUSSAINT, Venerable
     Kateri Tegawitha

2 - the saints of the States
Rose Philippine Duchesne, Saint

Questions about the religions

Sufism ; what is it ?
      Sufism, Mysticism, Esoterism

JAPAN-SHINTO: What is Shintoism?
In search of a religion: aren't they all essentially the same?


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Is happiness really possible? (05.02.1998)
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Why Common Good matters By Jean-Loup Dherse

The man and culture

Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman
PONT AVEN and NIZON : The most famous breton villages in the history of painting.
Claude Monet: The Nympheas cycle